Special Open Day for the End of Christmas and the Beginning of Spring

Saturday, 1 February will be a special Open Day looking at the end of the forty days of Christmas with Candlemas on 2 February, which was the day in 1602 when Shakespeare’s play of Twelfth Night was played in Middle Temple Hall. Our celebrations will look at what would have happened over this period in the time of the Rose Playhouse. Music and dancing would have been prominent so join in the fun and also sample some nibbles and drink in between. Winter should be ending and Spring preparing, so the first of February is our Starter for Fun. Do come and join us. Main festivities will begin at 1pm. 


The Rose is an indoor archaeological site; it is advisable to dress warmly because there is no heating. There are no toilets, so please use those at Shakespeare’s Globe, which is 200 metres away.

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