Henry V by William Shakespeare

Henry V by William Shakespeare

September 22, 2017

The Rose Playhouse

22nd and 23rd September 2017 at 7.30 pm

As a part of ‘From The Thistle to The Rose’ - A six week celebration of all the best in creative theatre from this years 70th Edinburgh Festival hosted by Unfolds Theatre and The Rose Playhouse, Bankside. London.


Once more unto the breach,
dear friends, once more

Disgruntled with the fall in resources committed to the church, The Archbishop of Canterbury moves King Henry V, no longer the reckless young prince, to commit to reclaiming the French land which is said to rightly belong to England.

Goaded by the Dauphin of France, King Henry gathers every loyal man in England and begins his campaign into France.

But loyalty turns to hunger and courage to fear, as the troops begin to realise how vastly they are outnumbered.

His only choice is to come down from his royal pedestal and reach out to his band of brothers, man to man, in one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and uplifting plays.

An enterprising new venture, William Collect are proud to debut their Henry V with a stripped down, human production; bringing our audience onto the front lines and challenging the perception of what it is to be a Patriot in these uncertain times.


The Rose is an indoor archaeological site, it is advisable to dress with an extra layer as there is no heating. There are also no toilets so please use Shakespeare’s Globe just a few hundred metres away. 
Written by
William Shakespeare
Directed by
Joshua Leese
Presented by
THE WILLIAM COLLECT and Unfolds Theatre

Please arrive 15 minutes before the production starts to pay for or collect your tickets.

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£15 Full / £12 Concs (OAP, Student or Equity - on presentation of valid ID) £10 Friends of The Rose or Southwark Residents – should apply directly to The Rose

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